Top Ten Reasons Why People Join Rotary


In the spirit of a late night talk show host, here are the "Top 10" reasons why people join Rotary.



#10. Assistance When Traveling - - traveling Rotarians can secure medical and professional assistance as well as services and advice from fellow Rotarians around the world


#9.  Citizenship in the World - - every Rotarian wears a pin and most places around the globe have a Rotary club who have members who also wear a pin.  Every Rotarian is welcome - - even encouraged - - to attend any of the 30,000 clubs around the world


#8.  Influencial - - Rotary members are leaders of business, art, government, sports, military, religion, and all other disciplines.  Some Rotarians are people who make decisions and influence policy.


#7.  Fun - - Rotary is fun and an exciting organization to join with events and service projects


#6.  Continuing Education - - Most weeks, meetings have a guest speaker designed to keep members informed about local, national, and global happenings


#5.  Part of the Local Community - - Membership in a Rotary club helps develop better community citizens and provide service within the local region.


#4.  Leadership Development - - Rotary is an organization where you can use your leadership skills to movtivate individuals and teams, and help everyone be successful stewards.


#3.  Personal Growth and Development - - Rotary membership ensures continuing growth and education in human relations.


#2.  Business Development - - Everyone needs a network and Rotary provides a cross section of the business community with members from all facuets of the region.


And... the #1 reason why people join The Kennett Square Rotary Club


#1.  Friendship/Fellowship - - In our increasingly complex world, balance between responsibilites and our everyday life is important.   Relax, enjoy a Rotarians company, share a meal, laugh.... it's why members join The Kennett Square Rotary Club.



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