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All persons are welcome to join the Kennett Square Rotary Club


Feel free to come to a meeting or talk to other members. Discover how you can belong to an international organization who together does a tremendous amount of good worldwide and of course, in our local area.   Club members enjoy fellowship, increased business opportunities, the satisfaction of making a difference in their community, and overall fun!

To learn more about Membership, contact our club President, Aimee Bowers at    We look forward to welcoming to you The Kennett Square Rotary Club


In the spirit of a late night talk show host, here are the "Top 10" reasons why people join Rotary

 #10. Assistance When Traveling - - traveling Rotarians can secure medical and professional assistance as well as services and advice from fellow Rotarians around the world

#9.  Citizenship in the World - - every Rotarian wears a pin and most places around the globe have a Rotary club who have members who also wear a pin.

#8.  Influential - - Rotary members are leaders of business, art, government, sports, military, religion, and all other disciplines.  Some Rotarians are people who make decisions and influence policy.

#7.  Fun - - Rotary is a fun and exciting organization to join with events and service projects

#6.  Continuing Education - - Most weeks, meetings have a guest speaker designed to keep members informed about local, national, and global happenings

#5.  Part of the Local Community - - Membership in a Rotary club helps develop better community citizens and provide service within the local region.

#4.  Leadership Development - - Rotary is an organization where you can use your leadership skills to motivate individuals and teams and help everyone be successful stewards.

#3.  Personal Growth and Development - - Rotary membership ensures continuing growth and education in human relations.

#2.  Business Development - - Everyone needs a network and Rotary provides a cross-section of the business community with members from all facets of the region.

And... the #1 reason why people join The Kennett Square Rotary Club

#1.  Friendship/Fellowship - - In our increasingly complex world, balance between responsibilities and our everyday life is important.  


Relax, enjoy a Rotarian's company, share a meal, laugh.... it's why members join The Kennett Square Rotary Club.

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